All About Periodontal Plastic Surgery

In Chevy Chase, Maryland, Dr.Alan M. Levine, DDS, is a well-known dentist. Dr. Levine is a graduate of Suffolk University and Howard University. In these articles, he discusses periodontal challenges and overall gum health.

What Is Periodontal Plastic Surgery?

Periodontal plastic surgery is a form of gum surgery that utilizes lasers instead of scalpels. These laser-assisted procedures are generally done for cosmetic purposes, as opposed to medical reasons.

Is It Ever Normal For Someone’s Gum to Bleed?

No, it is never normal for the gums to bleed. Bleeding gums are always a sign of gum disease, and they should be checked out by a dentist who specializes in periodontics as quickly as possible.

Which Factors Determine Who Can Get Dental Implants?

Patients over the age of 17 who are in good physical health are generally considered good candidates for dental implants. Systemic conditions such as diabetes can make someone a less than desirable candidate.

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